Microsoft’s latest innovation is in cloud computing; Azure. Microsoft Azure is the newest and one of the most robust cloud computing platforms available to the public from any vendor. Azure has an ever growing collection of integrated services, analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networking, and much more.

At it’s core it can be something that all companies need… a “server room”. This means you can take your existing infrastructure and move it* to the cloud which will help drastically reduce your overall operating costs from an IT perspective.

360-IT will inspect your current environment to determine what is required to enable your company to work as much as possible from the Azure cloud.

If you have no current environment 360-IT will use this time to help determine the best "virtual" infrastructure.

After all requirements have been gathered 360-IT will recommend the best Azure IAAS action plan for your company with room for expansion if desired.

This recommendation will be what is seen as a best fit for your companies current needs and may not reflect all options or services Azure has to offer but we will be happy to go over anything you may want to see added.

After the recommendations have been made and a plan has been chosen 360-IT will deploy/migrate your infrastructure, meeting your requirements and getting you back to business as normal but now powered by Azure.

After deployment has been completed and you are now enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Azure what next? For companies with little to no IT staff we will gladly manage your environment for you on a per month basis with a 1 year agreement.

With Microsoft taking care of the "hardware" as part of the IAAS idea we can ensure patching is done, security is upheld, new virtual server deployments are done quickly, and much more on your behalf.

Check out this info-graphic from Microsoft with Customers turning to the cloud!

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